Music & Movement

Around the world we go...
Posted on 12/16/2017
Students in Music

Using the book Around the World We Go by Janet Wise Brown as a starting point, first and second graders are taking a journey to all seven continents this month, thinking about traditions and celebrations that happen at this time of year, and about how we can greet and welcome others.  They have learned the welcome song Funga Alafiah from Nigeria.  Second graders are learning the song Namaste and first graders are learning the song Hello!, which both celebrate the simple act of saying hello in many different languages.  Using movement, instruments, and singing, we will travel to Israel, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, and even Antarctica as we celebrate together!

Students also thought about the Thanksgiving feast and gratitude as we celebrated this holiday together.  After putting holiday foods in the right “musical food group” (the matching rhythm pattern!), students created their own 8-beat “musical feast” and performed it for their classes on our new tubano drums.  Second graders had to the opportunity to connect, then write the correct rhythm patterns for their food choices.  With this project, students are discerning beat from rhythm, learning to read rhythm patterns, and transferring them from speech to playing them on instruments.  They are learning to accompany themselves as they sing and becoming their own musical ensembles!