World Cultures & Russian Language with Mrs. Bufton

Welcome to World Cultures and Russian Language!

My name is Kate Bufton, and this is my 2nd year teaching World Cultures and Russian Language and Mountain View, and I couldn't be more excited!  I am an Ohio native, and moved to Parker three years ago.  I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of the Arts in Public Relations and Communications with a minor in Russian Language, Literature and History from American University in Washington, D.C.  And, then went on to earn my Masters of the Arts in International Diplomacy with an emphasis in International Conflict Management at Norwich University in Vermont.  I am currently working on my teaching license through the Douglas County Alternative Licensure Program!  In my free time, I love spending time with my family (my daughters are alumna of Mountain View!), hiking, backpacking, traveling and exploring.  

I love getting the opportunity to teach ALL the amazing students at Mountain View and am very excited about what the 18-19 school year will hold!  I love school and hope to share my passion for inquiry and exploration with you!  I can be reached any time at

What's Happening in August in World Cultures
& Russian Language!?!?

World Cultures has been off to a really fun start!  Kindies have started learning their colors and greetings in Russian.  We have just started to master “My name is…” and are getting so confident with it, that we can say it to a friend!  We also just finished the book “Exclamation Mark!” In it, the Exclamation Mark is sad, because he wants to “fit it” with the Periods.  Then one day, the Question Mark comes along and his world changes. The Exclamation Mark sees how he is special! From this story, we are writing stories through drawings telling how WE are special.  This will lead us into out next unit of citizenship and homes around the world and how being different is ok and even FUN!

First graders have just started our map unit.  We have just started talking about similarities and differences between maps and globes.  As well, we are starting to see Oceans and Landforms; we are just dipping our toe into learning all the continents.  Ask them to sing our continents song for you (linked here)!  They are doing great...however Antarctica can still be a little tricky to say!

In Russian, we too are working on colors, number, greetings and verbs of motion.  We are learning how to tell others about ourselves and learning some questions to ask.  Over the next couple of months, we will be presenting facts about ourselves! globe 1 globe 2

Second graders are off to an amazing start with their Russian.  I am speaking a majority of the time in Russian to them and they are doing GREAT!  We too are working on greetings and delving a little more deeply into introductions and telling about ourselves.  Second graders are also about to start a map unit, where we go into the finer details of what to look for on a map, and all about scale, direction and orientation.  We will soon be going out to the playground for a little treasure hunt, using all the stuff we have learned in class. If you are interested in coming and helping in World Cultures during our Treasure Hunt, please email me!